Last Update : 20th February - Corrected week 31 and completed week 48

See the Details Page for new photos of the undercarriage and bomb bay, again, thanks to James. 

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The Lancaster Bomber is a magazine published by Hachette Partworks.  It's a weekly magazine, with the main aim being to complete a 1/32 scale model of the Avro Lancaster Bomber, S for Sugar, which will take 125 issues.  I would suggest that first time visitors read the 'Magazine' Page, then have a look at the model pages. 

The magazine is published every Wednesday in the UK.

The model can only be built as a static model.  It cannot be converted to a flying model.

Please note that this site has no connection with Hachette Publications.

Update history

23rd October - received some more issues, so added some photos of the parts.
29th October - made a start on weeks 2 & 4.
3rd November - finished week 2 and progress on week 4.
6th November - finished week 3 and progress on week 4.
20th November - progress on week 5.
22nd November - progress on week 6.
29th November - progress on weeks 7 & 8.
1st December - progress on week 9.
22nd December - Competed the wing tip in week 7.
13th January - Added the parts for weeks 10 to 13 and made a small start on week 11.
7th February - Added a footnote to week 9 and updated week 10.
1st March - Updated week 11 and completed weeks 12 & 13.
20th May - Completed week 6, updated week 11.
30th May - started weeks 14 & 15.
3rd June - completed week 15, started weeks 16 & 17.
10th July - work on weeks 16 & 17.
4th August - work on weeks 4, 16 & 17.
6th August - Completed week 18.
9th August - Work on week 5 and 18.
10th August - Completed week 19 for now.
12th August - More work on week 5 and work on week 20.  Completed week 21.
17th August - More work on week 14.  Completed weeks 19 & 22.
27th August - Completed weeks 23 and 25.
29th August - Started week 26.
30th August - Started week 28.
1st October - Started week 30.
5th October - Weeks 30 & 31 completed for now.
8th October - Week 32 completed and week 34 started.
14th October - Weeks 35 & 36 started.
15th October - Completed weeks 3 & 14.
3rd November - A little more work on weeks 35 & 36.
12th November - Week 36 completed and some work on weeks 35 & 37.
30th December - completed week 4.
7th February - completed week 35 for now, and started weeks 38, 39 & 40.
14th February - Started weeks 42 and 44.

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